Our profile

Fintech is already disrupting banks and payment
system and players, and the investments in this
space are booming – and with this the need for qualified advice.

In 2019 Norfico launched The Tokenizer, the European platform for news and research related to the tokenization of real-world assets and the blockchain economy.

Founded in 2015, Norfico is the first agency in the Nordic region to deliver strategic advisory  and communications services 100% focused on fintech – including ID, payments, connected commerce, regtech, and insurtech.

Norfico combines advisory services across technology, strategy and communication focusing on fintech. This unique combination allows us to serve our clients broadly across the value chain and increase the value delivered.

Norfico's customers range across banks, technology providers, government institutions, public authorities, and start-ups.

Never in the history of the payments industry has
there been a time of such disruption and opportunity across regions.
— The Boston Consulting Group